Stainless Steel Enclosures

Hebei Shouke Yuantuo Technology Co., LTD is a leading China Stainless Steel Enclosures manufacturers, suppliers and exporter. Adhering to the pursuit of perfect quality of products, so that our Industrial Enclosure have been satisfied by many customers. Extreme design, quality raw materials, high performance and competitive price are what every customer wants, and that's also what we can offer you. Of course, also essential is our perfect after-sales service. If you are interested in ourcustom made Industrial Enclosure services, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!

Hebei Shouke Yuantuo Technology Co., LTD can do custom made Stainless Steel Enclosures ,TheStainless Steel Enclosures can adopt the PS\ES structure form to provide reliable peripheral protection for the system integration field. Free selection of product specifications, cabinet materials, specifications can be customized to meet user needs to the maximum. Protection level: IP55-IP65. CE certification. Product Features: The coaming plate and the top plate are bent at one time, and the built-in frame is combined and formed. The dynamic weight of the frame is 600kg. The sealing plates and top plate cannot be removed, and the front door and back plate can be removed and connected together. The base is divided into fixed or assembled. The frame column is equipped with modular DIN mounting holes, and the base cover plate is movable design, which makes the electric installation convenient and fast. High elastic polyurethane foam sealing rubber strip, improve the protection level of the cabinet. Field of Application Power coal, petrochemical, cement building materials, iron and steel metallurgy, grain and oil brewing, ceramic mining, military aerospace, aviation and navigation, traffic and road construction and other industries in various fields of information control and system control higher protection requirements and relatively harsh working environment.

Hebei Shouke Yuantuo Technology Co., LTD is committed to the research and development of new products and the production and manufacturing of intelligent energy-saving products, to provide national and international high-end enterprises with very efficient and high-quality services, such as: ABB, SIEMENS, Wolong Group, CCTV, Startimes, Beijing Drainage Group, Sany Heavy Industry, Beikai Electric, CCIM, AEG Co., LTD.,We haveJapan AMADA series CNC punch 2510NT , Suzhou lead Chuang CNC 3015 fiber laser and otherAdvanced machinery and equipment because of those we can supply best quality Automated External Defibrillator, Stainless Steel Enclosures, Industrial Enclosure and Industrial cabinet .

Hebei Shouke Yuantuo Technology Co., LTD is in the field of manufacturing, to make a series of high-endAutomated External Defibrillator, Stainless Steel Enclosures, Industrial Enclosure,outdoor enclosures, continuous research and development and innovation, to ensure that the company's products are always in the forefront of the industry, to ensure the technical excellence of the products Power and leadership.

Hebei Shouke Yuantuo Technology Co., belongs to the intelligent environmental protection equipment system Manufacturing and processing industry, mainly engaged in the production and manufacturing of intelligent control equipment: Industrial Enclosure,outdoor enclosures ,Stainless Steel Enclosures, PLC control cabinet, DCS control cabinet, ozone generator control, intelligent electric cabinet, frequency conversion control Cabinet manufacturing, intelligent control box, intelligent confluence box, intelligent operation table, PS cabinet, ES cabinet, AE box,Automated External Defibrillator environmental protection control equipment, electric drive automation control equipment.

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  • For safety reasons, steel electrical boxes are designed to accommodate wire connections and equipment. Shouke® Manufacturer's steel electrical boxes are made of durable steel and can withstand high impact forces while safely accommodating electrical connections and equipment.

  • When it comes to protection against external factors, stainless enclosures are a popular choice for industries that operate in harsh environments. The corrosion-resistant properties of stainless steel make it ideal for use in applications where protective measures are crucial.

  • Stainless electrical enclosures help protect vital electrical equipment from external damages such as dust, moisture, and other outdoor elements. With a range of materials available in the market to choose from, stainless steel is often the go-to choice for many critical electronic installations.

  • Stainless steel electrical cabinets are the best choice for your business because they offer durability, safety, hygiene, and aesthetics.

  • Stainless steel electrical box is an enclosure specially designed to store and protect electrical equipment, and is mainly made of stainless steel material. This type of electrical box is widely used in various industries and environments. Shouke is a professional supplier in this regard.

  • You want to ensure that your electrical equipment is well protected and secure. Stainless electrical boxes are a popular choice for most people due to their durability and resistance to corrosion. Shouke® is a professional supplier.

SKYT is a famous China Stainless Steel Enclosures manufacturers and suppliers. If I want to wholesale, what price will you give me? If your wholesale quantity is large, we can provide the factory price. You are welcomed to to buy Stainless Steel Enclosures from us. We look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!
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