Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box
  • Outdoor Electrical Distribution BoxOutdoor Electrical Distribution Box
  • Outdoor Electrical Distribution BoxOutdoor Electrical Distribution Box

Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box

SKYT is a one of leader supplier of China for Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box, we can supply non-standard customization, OEM production business, to meet users in all kinds of control field applications and solutions. We can produce high quality Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box and meet all your different needs.

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Product Description

The following is an introduction to Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box, SKYT® hope to help you better understand Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box. Welcome new and old customers to continue to cooperate with us to create a better future together! Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box, All electrical enclosure must maximize its functionality by being easy to install and fix, and allow technicians a correct and comfortable accessibility.

1)The Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box is welded with stainless steel plate , and its rigidity and carrying capacity meet the installation requirements of electrical components.

2)The instrument door equipped with electrical components is connected to the frame with multiple strands of soft copper wire, and the installation parts in the cabinet and the frame are all galvanized parts to form a complete grounding protection loop.

3)The rain cover of the box can be removed when necessary. The edge of the top cover is provided with ventilation and heat dissipation holes, so that the device forms a natural ventilation channel during operation, so that the device has good heat dissipation performance.

4)The shell protection level reaches IP55

5)A closed measuring unit is adopted, which is isolated from other devices and can be locked to meet the requirements of electric energy measurement and prevent electricity theft.

7) The electrical scheme fully considers the characteristics of the power grid, is designed in line with safety, reliability and ease of use, and takes into account the characteristics of small towns, and is also suitable for industrial and mining enterprises.

Our wide range of solutions for electrical and machinery industries offers electrical enclosures, cabinets, boxes, junction boxes, consoles, racks, etc. in stainless steel, aluminium, galvanized painted steel in constant technological innovation. SKYT® can custom made Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box

SKYT® Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box (Parameter):

Place of Origin: Hebei, China Protection

Level: IP66 or custom made

Name: Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box

External Size: Custom made size

Material: Steel

Function: Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box

Feature: Convenient

Warranty: 20 Years

Surface treatment: Powder coated

Thickness: 1.2/1.5/2.0/2.5mm

SKYT® Outdoor Electrical Distribution Box Details:

Outdoor Electrical Distribution BoxOutdoor Electrical Distribution Box


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