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Basic requirements for installing air conditioners in industrial cabinets

A cabinet air conditioner can be equipped with an independent air conditioner system in a high-temperature environment, while a cabinet air conditioner can be equipped with an independent heating and insulation system in a cold environment. With full function door lock and other functions, cabinet air conditioning waterproof or electronic shielding and other anti-interference performance; At the same time, appropriate accessories and mounting accessories bracket should be provided to make wiring more convenient, easy to manage and save time and energy. Comprehensive device protection solutions can bring great convenience to users.

In addition to the above points, the cabinet air conditioning solution of the data center should also consider the selection of the appropriate server cabinet and cable cabinet is very important. A slight oversight may lead to great loss.

Regardless of the brand of the product, quality is the primary consideration for users. As the density of products in a cabinet increases, qualified cabinet products must have good load-bearing capacity. The cabinet whose air conditioner does not meet specifications may not meet the requirements. Devices in the cabinet may be protected due to the poor quality of the cabinet, which may affect the entire system. There is a good internal temperature control system to avoid overheating or overheating of products in the cabinet.
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