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Cabling method of outdoor network cabinet and equipment included

As we all know, with the further development of our Internet industry, many opportunities need to accommodate more devices than before, and with the increase of devices, the wiring inside the whole cabinet also needs to be more orderly. Especially for outdoor cabinets, this aspect must cause enough attention, which is also for better convenience, the management of the whole line, improve the efficiency of network maintenance personnel, these cabinet wiring is a need for certain skills, so now I will tell you a brief.

Waterproof cabinet
If the layout of the wiring inside the outdoor cabinet is not good, it will not only lead to the damage of the entire cable and the increase of the maintenance time of the network maintenance personnel, but also affect the flow of the air inside the entire cabinet, affect the heat dissipation of your equipment, resulting in equipment overheating or shutdown and other problems. Therefore, the wiring significance of some cabinets is very important. Especially for some outdoor cabinets, if this aspect is not well done, it is also very troublesome for them to have problems, because their personnel can not be around all the time, nor can they be repaired in time, so we must pay attention to this aspect.

Each network cable inside the outdoor cabinet should be marked, which will bring more convenience to our later maintenance. Otherwise, when the selection inside is very messy, we do not know what this line is used for in the end and do not understand their role, so it will bring more trouble to our maintenance. At the same time, the asset number of each server should be affixed, and the asset number and bar code should be printed together through the label printer. Each device should be printed with two identical pieces, one on the front and one on the side. Generally speaking, the network cable of the whole power cord should be tied with cable ties from different directions. The back-end of the network diagram connecting the server and the switch must be marked with the same cable tie number and the same as the port number of the switch. When wiring, ensure that the power cable plug and the server are fixed with labels on both ends of the power plug. If a cabinet houses an Intranet switch, use two colors of network cables to distinguish the switch. At the same time, for these outdoor cabinets, we must do a good job of sealing performance.

The outdoor cabinet of the network is like a small transfer station. And there are all kinds of network equipment stored in it, so for us, on the one hand, to store these network equipment, some aspects of the benefit is also to make the administrator more convenient for the maintenance of these equipment. So now I will tell you a simple, network opportunities among some common equipment, hope to bring you more understanding.

Generally, there are switches and routers in network outdoor cabinets. No matter large or small LAN, we always need to use switches and routers, and switches are an important network equipment for data exchange. Many optical fibers and network cables are directly connected to its ports. Switches are the lifeblood of the whole network, which determines the stability, reliability and security of the network. Are very important switches, it must be installed in closed ventilation and reliable network opportunities, and there are many types of routers, the LAN routers used in the network cabinet are generally used for access to the wide area network router. At the same time, one reason why we use network cabinets is to better manage and maintain lines, so these distribution frames are essential. After the optical fiber enters the cabinet, no matter whether it is directly on the switch or originally connected to the optical distribution frame, it needs to be connected to the switch through the optical fiber jumper. This is because the optical fiber is very fragile. If it is directly connected to the switch, it is easy to break.

The other is the network firewall, which is a security barrier installed between the local area network and the external network. Its appearance is similar to that of the router. Among them, the firewall is a very important security device, which can effectively prevent external network attacks and make the transmission of information more secure. At the same time, we also need to pay attention to the sealing performance of the entire outdoor cabinet. At the same time, we also need to better prevent the operation of waterproof or dustproof.
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