UPS Battery Cabinets
  • UPS Battery CabinetsUPS Battery Cabinets
  • UPS Battery CabinetsUPS Battery Cabinets
  • UPS Battery CabinetsUPS Battery Cabinets

UPS Battery Cabinets

SKYT®’s UPS Battery Cabinets are meticulously crafted to elevate your power system's performance, offering a comprehensive suite of features and options that cater to your diverse needs.

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Product Description

The UPS battery cabinets are a crucial component of a power protection and backup system. It's designed to provide a reliable source of electrical power to connected devices during power outages or fluctuations. The UPS system includes a battery to store electrical energy and an inverter to convert that stored DC (direct current) power into AC (alternating current) power that devices can use.

1. Compact Design:

Unified Power's UPS Battery Cabinets are engineered with a focus on space optimization. Their footprint is meticulously crafted to be the most compact in the industry. This ensures that even in environments with limited space, these cabinets can be seamlessly integrated without compromising on functionality.

2. Convenient Load Connections:

The UPS Battery Cabinets feature both bottom and top entry plates, making the process of connecting DC loads incredibly straightforward. This design consideration not only enhances efficiency but also streamlines installation procedures, reducing setup time and complexity.

3. Accessible Hinged Doors:

Ease of access is a priority in the design of these UPS Battery Cabinets. The inclusion of removable hinged doors ensures that maintenance and component inspection can be carried out effortlessly. This user-friendly design element reduces downtime and contributes to overall system reliability.

UPS Battery Cabinets

4. Enhanced Security:

Security is paramount, and the locking doors of these UPS Battery Cabinets offer robust access control. This feature safeguards critical components from unauthorized access, contributing to the integrity and safety of the power infrastructure.

5. Cable Installation Simplicity:

Installing and organizing cables is made straightforward through the incorporation of removable side panels. These panels facilitate cable installations between strings of batteries, enhancing cable management and minimizing clutter.

6. Maintenance-Focused Design:

Safety and ease of maintenance are of utmost importance. The full front access design allows maintenance tasks to be performed with enhanced safety measures. Technicians can work confidently and efficiently, reducing potential risks and ensuring consistent system upkeep.

7. Battery Compatibility:

The UPS Battery Cabinets are thoughtfully engineered to accommodate a wide range of front terminal batteries. This versatility enables users to select batteries that align with their specific power requirements, further enhancing the adaptability of the cabinets.

UPS Battery Cabinets

8. Versatile Circuit Breakers:

With the capacity to accommodate DC circuit breakers of up to 800A, the UPS Battery Cabinets are tailored to handle various power loads. Furthermore, the availability of breaker options such as Shunt Trips, Auxiliary Contacts, and Under Voltage Releases allows for precise customization based on specific needs.

9. Durable Coating:

To ensure longevity and resilience, the UPS Battery Cabinets undergo a meticulous five-stage immersion pre-treatment process. This results in an acid-resistant powder coat finish that shields against corrosion, thereby preserving the cabinets' structural integrity.

10. Robust Frame Construction:

Crafted from heavy gauge steel, the fully welded frame construction delivers unmatched sturdiness. This design approach guarantees the UPS Battery Cabinets' ability to withstand environmental factors, mechanical stresses, and other challenges that might arise.

11. Accessibility for Handling:

Both front and rear access points cater to the practical aspects of cabinet transportation. With these dual access options, using a standard pallet jack for moving the cabinets becomes seamless and efficient.

In essence, Unified Power's UPS Battery Cabinets offer a harmonious blend of space-saving innovation, thoughtful design, security, adaptability, and customization, ensuring a robust and reliable solution for both upgrades and new power projects.

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