Outdoor UPS Power Cabinet
  • Outdoor UPS Power CabinetOutdoor UPS Power Cabinet
  • Outdoor UPS Power CabinetOutdoor UPS Power Cabinet
  • Outdoor UPS Power CabinetOutdoor UPS Power Cabinet
  • Outdoor UPS Power CabinetOutdoor UPS Power Cabinet
  • Outdoor UPS Power CabinetOutdoor UPS Power Cabinet

Outdoor UPS Power Cabinet

Outdoor UPS power cabinet is suitable for various outdoor application scenarios. Whether in communication base stations under extreme weather conditions or in edge computing nodes, SKYT® outdoor UPS power cabinets can provide excellent performance and reliability.

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Product Description

SKYT® outdoor UPS power cabinet is an advanced power solution specially designed for outdoor application scenarios, with a series of innovative technologies and functions, designed to meet the ever-changing needs of computer architecture.

Adapt to diverse outdoor environments:

Due to the diversity of outdoor applications, outdoor UPS power cabinets can adapt to different application scenarios. Whether for surveillance cameras, weather stations, smart city devices, or other outdoor devices, it provides a solution.

Durable casing: The casing of the outdoor UPS power cabinet is made of high-strength materials, which can withstand extreme weather conditions, including high temperature, low temperature, high humidity, sandstorms, storms, and ultraviolet radiation, etc.

Sealed design: It is waterproof, dustproof and anti-corrosion, ensuring that internal components are protected from damage by the external environment.

outdoor UPS power cabinet

High reliability:

Battery management system: The outdoor UPS power cabinet is equipped with a high-quality battery management system to ensure the stability of battery charging and discharging, as well as the maximization of battery life.

Power conversion technology: It adopts advanced power conversion technology, which can smoothly switch to backup power when the power grid is interrupted or fluctuates, ensuring the continuous operation of key equipment.

Long running:

High-capacity battery: The UPS power cabinet is equipped with a high-capacity battery pack, which can provide long-term backup power, which is very important for applications that require continuous power supply, which can ensure that the equipment can continue to operate normally under power interruption or unstable power conditions, Such as communication base stations, monitoring equipment, etc. Battery and cable management are important considerations for outdoor applications.

Internet connection:

IoT support: The outdoor UPS power cabinet supports IoT connectivity, allowing it to communicate with other devices and systems in real time for monitoring and remote management.

5G connection: It also supports 5G network connection, ensuring high-speed data transmission and low latency, suitable for applications requiring large bandwidth.

outdoor UPS power cabinet

Intelligent management:

Advanced technology: The outdoor UPS power cabinet is equipped with the most advanced technology, which means it can adapt to changing computer architecture and emerging technologies.

Predictive maintenance: It can predict battery life, identify potential problems, and provide maintenance recommendations to reduce downtime and maintenance costs.

One-stop solution:

Installation and operation and maintenance: Outdoor UPS power cabinet provides a comprehensive one-stop solution, including installation, operation and maintenance and cable management. This simplifies the deployment process, reduces overall costs, and reduces operational complexity. Users can more easily manage and maintain their outdoor equipment.


Flexible configuration: Users can configure and customize the SKYT outdoor UPS power cabinet according to specific needs, including increasing battery capacity, expanding network interfaces and adding other additional functions.

SKYT® outdoor UPS power cabinet is a comprehensive power solution designed for outdoor environments. It not only provides power protection, but also has high reliability, intelligent management and environmental adaptability, and can meet the needs of power supply, network connection, installation, operation and maintenance, and various needs such as environmental challenges. Whether it is a remote field monitoring station or an edge computing node in a city, it can provide stable power support to ensure the continuous operation of critical equipment. This makes SKYT outdoor UPS power cabinet an indispensable part of modern outdoor applications.

outdoor UPS power cabinet

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