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Russian customers come to visit the Hebei Shouke Yuantuo Technology


Recently, a group of customers from Russia visited our factory for a three-day visit. This inspection activity is an important step in the cooperation between the two parties. The customer has a comprehensive understanding of our factory's production technology, product quality, and delivery capabilities, and it has also further deepened the cooperative relationship between the two parties. The purpose of this visit is to further strengthen the cooperative relationship between Chinese and Russian enterprises and to prepare for future trade cooperation.

On the first day of activities, the customers first visited the production workshop of our factory. They are very interested in our factory's production process and equipment, and have a detailed understanding of our production process and technical parameters. Customers said that our factory has advanced production equipment and perfect production process, and the product quality is stable and reliable, which left a deep impression on them.

Later, the customers visited the quality control center of our factory. They learned about the strict quality control process of our factory, including strict control from raw material procurement, production and manufacturing to finished product inspection. Customers said that this strict quality control process is an important guarantee for our factory to ensure product quality.

On the second day, customers also visited the R&D center of our factory. The R & D center is the core competitiveness of our factory, and customers are very concerned about our R & D strength and technological innovation capabilities. They learned about our factory's technical research and development achievements and future development plans in the R&D center, and they are full of confidence in our factory's technical strength and future development.

In addition to visiting and inspecting activities, the customers also conducted in-depth business negotiations with the relevant persons in charge of our factory. The two parties conducted detailed communication on product price, delivery cycle, after-sales service, etc., and conducted in-depth discussions on further strengthening cooperation. The customers said that this visit was very successful, they are full of confidence in our factory's products and services, and they look forward to closer, stable and long-term cooperation in the future.

Through this inspection activity, the cooperative relationship between our factory and Russian customers has been further deepened, and the two parties will achieve more win-win results in future cooperation. Our factory will take this opportunity to further improve its technical strength and product quality, and provide customers with better products and services.

As an enterprise committed to international development, we will continue to adhere to technological innovation and service quality to provide more customers with high-quality products and services. As an internationally competitive enterprise, we will always focus on customers, Continuously improve its core competitiveness and service level to provide customers with better products and services.

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