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The 2022 annual meeting of Shouke Yuantuo

The 2022 annual meeting of Hebei Shouke Yuantuo Technology Co., Ltd. was successfully concluded. The company's leaders and employees celebrated the achievements and teamwork of the past year together. The activity site was full of joy and gratitude.
The whole event is designed and implemented by a professional event planning team, including theme design, venue layout, program performance, award awarding and other links.

Before the formal start of the dinner party, the company leaders delivered a welcome speech, expressing their gratitude and affirmation to all employees, reviewing the performance and achievements of the past year, and expressing their gratitude and affirmation to all employees. Among them, the company has made remarkable progress in 2021, not only achieving steady growth in performance, but also making outstanding contributions to innovation and customer service. The leaders also said that these achievements cannot be separated from the hard work and teamwork of all employees.
A series of entertainment activities were held on the spot, including singing contests, game links and raffle. The staff actively participated and interacted happily. During the meal, the company specially prepared a variety of delicious food and drinks, allowing employees to enjoy a luxurious dining experience.

The final part of the dinner is the award. The company has set up a number of awards, including the Best Newcomer Award, the Best Sales Award, the Best Customer Service Award, the Most Innovative Award, the Best Team Award and other categories. Each award was presented personally by the company's leaders, and a brief introduction and recognition were made. The award-winning employees showed great excitement and pride. They took the stage to accept the awards in succession, and thanked the company for its affirmation and support.
The atmosphere of the whole annual meeting was warm, cheerful and grateful, showing the cohesion and team spirit of the company. The company said that it would continue to strengthen the training and development of employees in the future, provide better working environment and treatment for employees, and encourage employees to create more achievements.

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