Automated External Defibrillator Machine
  • Automated External Defibrillator MachineAutomated External Defibrillator Machine
  • Automated External Defibrillator MachineAutomated External Defibrillator Machine

Automated External Defibrillator Machine

Automated external defibrillator machine works by analyzing the heart's rhythm and delivering an electric shock to restore a normal heartbeat if necessary.Shouke® accepts OEM and ODM orders, and our products are applied in various fields such as new energy and industrial automation.

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Product Description

An automated external defibrillator machine is a portable electronic device used to treat sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) by delivering an electric shock to the heart. SCA occurs when the heart's normal rhythm becomes irregular or stops altogether, disrupting the flow of blood to vital organs.

Here's how an automated external defibrillator machine typically works:

Recognition: When someone collapses and you suspect they may be experiencing SCA, you should first assess the situation and ensure that it is safe to approach the person.

Activation: Call emergency services immediately to request professional medical assistance. If there are people around, ask someone to call while you attend to the victim.

Retrieval and preparation: Locate the nearest automated external defibrillator machine. They are often found in public places such as airports, schools, malls, and workplaces. Retrieve the AED and bring it to the victim.

Operation: Follow the instructions provided with the automated external defibrillator machine. 

automated external defibrillator machine

They usually involve the following steps:

Power on the automated external defibrillator machine.

Attach the pads or electrodes to the victim's bare chest. The pads are usually provided with the automated external defibrillator machine and have diagrams to guide proper placement.

The AED will analyze the victim's heart rhythm to determine if a shock is necessary. It will prompt you to stand clear and not touch the victim during this analysis.

If a shock is advised, ensure that no one is touching the victim and press the shock button as instructed. Some automated external defibrillator machines may deliver the shock automatically without requiring manual activation.

CPR and continued use: After the shock is delivered, the automated external defibrillator machine may instruct you to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) by providing chest compressions and rescue breaths. Follow the AED's instructions and continue CPR until emergency medical professionals arrive or the victim shows signs of recovery.

It's important to note that automated external defibrillator machines are designed to be used by individuals with minimal or no medical training. They provide voice and visual prompts to guide the user through the process, making it possible for bystanders to administer potentially life-saving treatment until professional help arrives.

Remember, in case of a medical emergency, always call for professional medical assistance as soon as possible.

Shouke® has advanced equipment and is constantly innovating. We have a professional technical service team and high-quality products. Welcome to call us.
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